Meet the Humans Behind the Robots

We are your dedicated partners, committed to streamlining your business operations.

Our Story

After over 25 years of high-level experience in the hospitality industry, our team found that too many tasks were taking too much time. We were looking for a way to enable teams to return to the roots of hospitality – to focus not on processes but on guest satisfaction and quality services. 

Following extensive investigating to understand why work is organized the way it is right now, inefficiently, we worked unrelentingly on developing software that can streamline these tedious processes and bring humans back to doing tasks they love. 

Say hello to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a set of software tools that turn tedious tasks into automated sequences handled by robots. Think Excel Macros – but supercharged; our robots can work across any application and automate thousands of tasks. This tech stack gives businesses the tools needed to free their staff from drudgery – because life’s too short!

Join us on the path to a better, more soul-enriching future. We’re bringing the beach mindset to your work!

Our Mission

At Blue Ocean Strategic Partners, we aim to make a difference on how tedious and repetitive work gets done. Our goal is to turn more humans towards rewardingfulfilling work (plus we want you to save time and money!).

Our Vision

We want to create a work environment where people are satisfied with their jobs; where their cognitive abilities are being used and enhanced; where boring and mundane tasks are automated by software robots (because they’re great at it!).